Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 review - What the reviewer say

Click for full review Techradar.com review on Galaxy S7.
What's Techradar word on Galaxy S7.
"Samsung has tweaked the winning design from the S6, righted the wrongs of its previous flagships, and made a phone you don't want to put down. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is iterative perfection"

Click for full review Gsmarena.com review on Galaxy S7.
What's Gsmarena word on Galaxy S7.
"Evolution. This is what the Galaxy S7 is all about. The S6 was the radically different Subject Zero, the S7 is Subject 0.1 if you will."

Click for full review Trustedreviews.com review on Galaxy S7.
What's Trustedreviews word on Galaxy S7.
"Stunning. Samsung has just raised the bar for every other Android device. Simply put, if you want to buy a new phone right now, this is the one to pick."

Click for full review Cnet.com review on Galazy S7.
What's Cnet word on Galazx S7.
"The fast, powerful, beautiful Galaxy S7 phone is 2016's all-around phone to beat."

Click for full review Engadget.com review on Galazy S7.
What's Engadget word on Galax S7.
"Another year, another Galaxy S. While the new S7 isn't as dramatic a departure for Samsung as the S6 was, it benefits immensely from a year's worth of refinement. It's more powerful, not to mention even more beautiful than the S6, but Samsung hasn't attained perfection just yet. That said, the company has come pretty damned close: A more consistent camera and more modest power consumption would have made this great phone one for the history books."

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